RainIn case you haven’t heard, A Tapestry of Secrets released last week. And today is the launch party in a barn with fried chicken and wedding cake. I had thought to post about party plans with a promise to share pictures . . . but I’m not.

Because in the midst of all the hoopla, I had the loveliest moment of respite.

Yesterday afternoon I took Thistle for our usual hike knowing I would use the time to go over (e.g. stew about) details for today’s event. Instead, I met a family of four from Manchester, England. They’re on holiday and decided to head out for a hike in the wilds of Pisgah National Forest.

Thistle made her own introductions and immediately the older of the two girls asked me about snakes and bears. I’m going to call her Lucy because she reminded me so much of Lucy from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I assured her that there are, indeed, snakes and bears, but that I rarely see them while hiking. She appeared unconvinced.

Lucy determined that I knew where I was going and asked her parents, “Are we going to follow this lady?” Lucy, I think, is a natural born leader and organizer (organiser?). I suggested a short loop and off we went.

Of course it rained, but apparently if you’re from Manchester that’s what you’re used to.

Lucy and I took the lead and talked about a great many things including:
-The superiority of root beer to other sodas.
-Celebrating the Queen’s birthday.
-Chickens without names and one chicken in particular who died of homesick.
-Poison ivy.
-Books we like–she’s a fan of Roald Dahl.
-Our mutual preference for literature over maths.
-The fact that our birthdays are a mere eight days apart.
-How school goes by grades in the U.S. and years in England.
-And several other topics that escape me at the moment.

All in all, talking with Lucy was MUCH better than agonizing over whether it will rain, if I bought enough lemonade, who might get lost, will any musicians turn up, or any of a dozen other details I really can’t do much of anything about.

If we hadn’t all been sopping wet, I would have very much liked to ask Lucy, her parents, and her little sister to stop by the house for root beer (we have some very good Frostie’s in the fridge).

Instead, I enjoyed a glass of soda with my husband and told him about how I met Lucy and enjoyed a short, Narnian respite in the rain. I might have even seen a lion off among the trees.

Lucy (and Aslan), I thank you.