A watermelon cooling in the creek! Summer perfection.

Summer is right around the corner and that means WATERMELON time!

Growing up watermelon was such a fun summer treat. We had it at Farm Bureau picnics, family reunions, cookouts, and any ole time for a refreshing treat. We even grew watermelon some years. A time or two, it was by accident–those rinds and seeds pitched over in the weeds germinated and we ended up with volunteers!

Which brings me to my real subject–watermelon seeds. Have you noticed that there aren’t any anymore? Once upon a time, a seedless watermelon was kind of exotic. Now it’s all there is. If there are seeds, they’re just those little white shadows of seeds.

I MISS those glossy, black seeds! They were a pretty great source of summer entertainment.

  • Watermelon seed spitting contests. I know–sounds kind of gross, but it was fun for the kids to see who could send those seeds flying the furthest!
  • Predicting true love. You pressed three sticky seeds to your forehead, named them with three potential loves, and waited to see which was the last to fall off. That’s your true love!
  • And, of course, the watermelon pregnancy. You found one of the younger kids and convinced her (or him!) that if she swallowed a watermelon seed it would grow in her stomach–like she was pregnant!

And somehow, I think seeded watermelon tasted better. Or maybe that was just the flavor of being a kid . . .