Give ThanksWe’re headed for those West Virginia hills today to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. Not wanting to stick my poor brother with preparing the meal, we’re taking advantage of the prepared Thanksgiving dinners offered by my friend Chef Dale Hawkins at Fish Hawk Acres.

The menu is mostly what I was used to growing up in Appalachia–turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls. But we did throw in a sweet potato casserole and the dressing is cornbread. Oh, and Jack Daniel’s cake for dessert. I mean pumpkin pie is fine, but when you can get a chocolate, buttermilk cake with whiskey laced chocolate mousse, and ganache, why wouldn’t you??

The meal won’t be exactly like it was when I was a kid, but close enough.

Of course, traditional dishes vary from region to region. My southern husband will be missing homemade macaroni and cheese and his mother’s stuffed celery, but compromise is the heart of marriage 😉

Whether you’re in Appalachia, the deep south, way up north, or somewhere out west, what Thanksgiving dish are you most looking forward to today? Hope it’s every bit as delicious as you remember.