IMG_0438In my third novel–A Tapestry of Secrets–my heroine is a quilt artist. Her mother (Margaret) and grandmother (Perla) are traditional quilters, but Ella makes pieces meant to be hung on the wall or displayed on a table.

My inspiration came from my own quilting heritage. Now let me be clear–I don’t quilt and don’t expect to take it up any time soon. It’s a gorgeous art I admire, but it requires a pretty solid chunk of time. Not to mention patience. So I’ll stick to piecing words rather than fabric.

But my great aunt and great grandmother were mighty quilters. Aunt Dorothy did it for the art–her stitches immaculate and designs lovely. Grandma Jane did it to–well–keep her family warm.Aunt Dorothy bought the fabrics she wanted to use for each design. Grandma’s are pieced from scraps and used clothing as best I can tell.

I have quilts each of them made. Grandma’s are mostly tattered and not in great shape while Aunt Dorothy’s have been better preserved.

I’m proud to say they’ve ALL been used. And have all offered comfort of the best kind. So here they are–some of the quilts I know. Click on each one for the caption.


Yeah, I know. Lots of pink. Now how did I get to be such a girly girl?!?