I spent last weekend back home in WV visiting my family. It’s that lovely, in-between time of year when summer is clearly fading and fall has yet to arrive. The hay field had been cut, so the deer tended to hang back near the edges and they weren’t the least bit alarmed to see us out and about. Hummingbirds harvested the Virginia Creeper every morning, getting into squabbles (or was it romance?). Mornings were deliciously cool while afternoons tended toward muggy. There’s much to say, but I’ll let the pictures speak for me.


My parents named the property Chestnut Hill Farm–here are some of the chestnut trees.


The barn with early morning sun lighting the interior.


Sun coming up over the pasture . . .


This was the calf lot when I was a kid.

The freshly mown hayfield.

farm photos

The hummingbirds were moving too fast to catch with the camera. There’s a blur above the flowers in the center of the photo . . .