Have you ever knocked on wood? Or avoided walking under a ladder? I think we’re all at least a smidge superstitious. But Appalachia makes a veritable sport of it! And in this year when everything seems bound to go wrong I was thinking . . . what the heck? Let’s throw some superstition into the mix and see if we can’t change course!

  1. Always leave a building through the same door you entered it.
  2. If you see a black cat crossing the road in front of you, draw an X in the air three times to void the bad luck. Do it fast, though! You’ve got to finish before the cat reaches the other side of the road.
  3. NEVER set an empty rocking chair to rocking.
  4. Apples are ripening now. If you harvest them from a tree leave at least one to keep the devil away.
  5. If you spill salt, throw a pinch over your left shoulder. Again, this keeps the devil away.
  6. If you’re drinking spirits, pour a little out on the ground to satisfy spirits past (the ghostly kind).

I will confess to being skeptical that any of this will improve your luck. But hey, in a year like 2020, can’t hurt!

And remember–hang your horseshoe with the open end pointing UP so the luck doesn’t leak out.

What are your favorite superstitions?