On Monday I shamelessly asked you all to vote for me to be named Best WV Author for 2020. And while I really crave that title, I’m pretty aware that I’m NOT the best WV author. So who is? Well, there are quite a few to choose from. Check out the following and you choose (except I still want you to vote for me!).

  • Chris Fabry – I love Chris’ stories and the fact that he’s a WV native is just the icing on the cake. I like so many of his, but a recent favorite is The Promise of Jesse Woods.
  • Denise Giardina – Denise was Best WV Author in 2019. She grew up in a coal camp and her best known work is likely Storming Heaven about the battle of Blair Mountain.
  • Heather Gilbert – Heather lives in southern WV and writes Viking fiction and cozy mysteries with a sense of humor. Check out her clever Barks and Beans Cafe Mystery Series.
  • Patricia Harman – I got to meet Patricia at the WV Book Festival a few years ago. A midwife in real life, you know her stories about midwives will ring true! Start with The Midwife of Hope River.
  • Jeanette Walls – Her 2006 award-winning memoir The Glass Castle has sold over a million copies and shares the details of her often erratic upbringing in Welch, WV, (I dare you to find it on a map.)
  • Roseanna White – Roseanna writes mostly historical Christian romance and there are LOTS of good stories from which to choose! I especially like the Codebreakers starting with The Number of Love.

There are plenty of others–Pearl S. Buck, Jayne Ann Phillips, Homer Hickam, Ann Pancake, Stephen Coonts, and Craig Johnson (of Longmire fame). But we’ll leave the list here for now. And best or not, vote for ME!

Who’s your favorite author from YOUR home state?