Fishhawk plateGrowing up on the family farm in French Creek, WV, I never thought of the area as what you might call sophisticated. We were pretty much plain, country folk. Going to see a traveling ballet company dance the Nutcracker (one night only!) at the high school was pretty much as high class as we got. (And man, did I feel high class all dressed up on my daddy’s arm!) As for fine dining, well . . . my mom’s still a really good cook.

But these days country is cool and local food is where it’s at. Which means nowhere West Virginia can become a destination as fast as you can say heirloom tomatoes.

So if you want to experience the ultimate in local, farm-raised food, let me recommend the farm dinners put on by my friend, Chef Dale Hawkins in, of all places, Rock Cave, WV. (Even further out on the country than French Creek!)

Here’s the lineup for 2016 (click through for menus):
June 9   Farm Dinner at Fish Hawk June 9
July 14  Farm Dinner at Fish Hawk July 14
August 11  Farm Dinner at Fish Hawk Aug 11
September 15  Farm Dinner at Fish Hawk Sept 15

Call 304-473-7741 to make your reservations and payments. Guests get a tour of the farm and live entertainment included with the seasonal gourmet dinner provided by Dale Hawkins & Teresa Lipps. Dinners are usually $30 except for July when Dale brings in lobster from Maine and charges $50. No, not local, but delicious and everything else you eat will have come from pretty much, well, the farm you can see from your table!