The cover of my new story (releasing December 2021) is out and about! Whatcha think?

Here are a few highlights that make this cover special for me:

  • The button. Sulley is a water dowser (or so he claims). And when he finds a long lost button, people start to think maybe he can find MORE than water. Like people or treasure. But what Sulley doesn’t want anything to do with expectations like that. Or does he??
  • The sort of dusty, misty quality as the trees fade away. A HUGE part of the story has to do with the Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster. When you read the book, you’ll understand why a coating of dust makes sense.
  • That fence and the road leading . . . where? Sulley, Jeremiah, and Gainey are all on a journey toward an unexpected destination. I can’t wait for you to discover what they need to find along with them!

What’s your favorite part of the cover?

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