Resting I posted at SouthernBelleView.com last week about whether or not West Virginia is part of the South. It’s a point of contention in some circles. While I didn’t suppose we’d resolve the question once and for all, I did get some interesting comments about the difference between southerners and mountain folk.
My own baby brother swung by and left this comment. “[Southerners] take their time with whatever they are doing. Mountain folk hurry through their work and stretch out their leisure.”
As soon as I read that, I realized how true it is in my experience. For example, when I get home from work I want to immediately change clothes, walk the dog, tend to any chores, make supper, do the dishes, and then . . . relax. None of this resting a spell before diving into the evening’s tasks.
Leisure has always been something to store up and savor. Get the work out of the way and then kick back with your feet up on the porch railing and talk ’til the dark runs you off to bed. Get the hay in the barn, stacked and ready for winter, then you can go swimming (don’t forget to take some soap–Ivory floats).
It’s almost as thought I can’t relax until the work is done. I want to take all those little breaks and rest stops and save them up for the end so I can enjoy my leisure in great, long drafts instead of wee sips.
I’m not saying it’s better. I’m just saying maybe, as a mountain girl, I can’t help it.