Me winning a Selah Award back in 2016. Ann Gabhart’s story won Book of the Year that year.

I’ve written before about the conundrum that book contests present. To enter or not to enter–THAT is the question!

Well, I entered the Selah Awards hosted by the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Why?

  1. It’s a great conference put on by wonderful people who are passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and educating writers. I love supporting and participating in that!
  2. Frankly, I long for affirmation that my stories really are good.
  3. It’s FUN!

I didn’t go to the awards ceremony this year even though it’s nearby and–win or lose–there’s ice cream afterwards. I tell myself it doesn’t matter who wins, but my heart rate and blood pressure tell a different story when I’m in the audience. And I DID watch the online chat box listing the winners in real time last night.

Then, there it was–The Right Kind of Fool won for Biblical/Historical Fiction! Which was a pleasure and a delight! It also meant I could sit back in my jammies and congratulate friends and fellow authors in the other categories, heart rate returned to normal.

I wasn’t even thinking about the Book of the Year Award. Until they announced it and what title popped up in the chat box? The Right Kind of Fool! Holy cow!

Awards are, indeed, subjective. There were SO many wonderful stories by outstanding authors. I’m grateful to be among them. Thank you, judges for the affirmation!