There’s this thing in the publishing industry whereby books almost always release on Tuesdays. There are multiple theories as to why this is including:

  • Tuesday is a slow sales day and needs the boost of new releases.
  • The NY Times bestseller list is based on sales from Tuesday to Monday (hmmm, I sense a chicken or the egg question here).
  • If a book released on Tuesday is selling well, stores can order more before the weekend.

Throw into all of that the fact that books often show up in stores BEFORE the official release date and it’s enough to make an author’s head spin when it comes to deciding when to launch a new book.

And then, there are those of us lucky enough to have books releasing on election day 2020. Boy howdy. Talk about throwing a wrench in the plan!

So what’s an author to do? Well, this author is celebrating the launch well AFTER the election with a special Zoom event. Especially since this year’s election promises to drag on beyond the morning after! Here’s hoping things will have either died down or book lovers will be ready for something different by November 19.

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