I ADORED school. Well, I ADORED elementary school. Middle school, not so much.

Here we are, second grade circa 1978. (In case the clothes didn’t tip you off.) Anyone want to guess which one is me??

Mrs. Lashley was our teacher. I’ve since reconnected with her, and she’s read (and critiqued!!) my books. Why is it that meeting your second grade teacher as an adult is kind of like meeting your favorite celebrity? Or maybe that’s just me.

This is the year I first learned some sign language and we signed Do You Hear What I Hear for the Christmas pageant. I still can’t hear that song without wanting to do the sign for “shepherd boy.” (I just signed it.) I also won a coloring contest this year. The prize was an inflatable beach ball which our dog, Fred, bit. I was pretty upset at the time. Now I’d take Fred over that ball any day.