I spent last weekend in West Virginia visiting lots of family and just soaking up the ambiance of my favorite place. I’m the seventh generation to grow up on the land where my father still lives. I’m hopeful at least one of this batch of nieces and nephews will keep the legacy going.
Come go with me as I visit the home place.
French Creek GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERALaurel Fork United Methodist Church–that’s my dad out front. Got married here.
Aunt Bess’ house. She lived to be almost 102. If you read “Miracle in a Dry Season” this is where the Talbot sisters live.
Laurel Fork–I bathed here almost as much as I did at home all those growing up summers (Ivory soap floats). It was a huge treat to go the swimming hole just a little ways upstream of this spot.
The Phillips family cemetery is on this knoll on a neighbor’s property.
One of the stones in the old cemetery. It says G.L. Loudin–we’re actually not entirely sure who that was.
I’m so incredibly blessed to have access to such a rich history. I’m grateful that I’m finally old enough–and perhaps wise enough–to appreciate it.