So I’ve been shopping for editors–someone to read my first chapter or so and give me feedback. I’m looking for enough input to give me some ideas for how to improve the novel as a whole. I don’t want anyone to rewrite it or to give so much input that it’s a collaboration rather than my work. Just a little direction, please.
So the first person I contacted was booked until MARCH 2011! I knew that I would have to wait to hear from publishing houses, but it simply didn’t occur to me that I’d have to wait for a paid editor. She was very nice and recommended several other editors. I checked out her recommendations along with those suggested by the editor at the publishing house that turned me down first and I think I may have found the right person. Here’s hoping she’ll be able to look at my first chapter in 2010.
But the real help I got came when I flopped on the sofa and bemoaned all this waiting I have to do. My husband walked over and said he knew what would help. A backrub? A footrub? Did he have chocolate in his pockets? No. He eased up my t-shirt and blew a big raspberry on my belly. Several, as a matter of fact. It helped immensely. If you’re ever stressed out and worried about, well, anything, I highly recommend the belly raspberry as a sure-fire pick-me-up. It made me laugh just as hard at 38 as it did at 8. I’m giggling a little now thinking of it.