Last week I posted about collecting moments at our family farm like I would seashells at the beach. Here are a few more from our most recent trip home. Last week it was all about family. This week, the moments are focused more on the land we love so much.

Sunrise is often gorgeous over the pasture behind the house. It’s even prettier when my favorite dog is out there checking for groundhogs!

The view of the pond is one of my favorites from any angle. This early morning shot includes mist rising from the valley below.

Hiking down to French Creek is a bit of an undertaking with a steep hillside and lots of brush. My brother’s Rhino makes short work of the trip, though. Those shoulders belong to my brother and my husband. My niece and I were bouncing around in the back like hickory nuts, squealing when we got to the steep parts!

It’s no wonder this place inspires me to write my stories . . .