Everyone’s life is busy. We all have responsibilities, passions and a to-do list a mile long. So I’m cutting out some of the deadwood. Prioritizing. Here are seven things I’m simply not going to waste time on. (And it’s not social media–I don’t enjoy social media enough for it to be a time suck.)
1) Fold my underwear. I know, I know, but I used to do this. Two folds in, one fold over. Turns out the stuffing method works just fine.
2) Changing my purse to match my outfit. I admire all you ladies who do this, but the one generic bag will just have to work for me.
3) Precisely measure everything. I love to cook and I generally follow recipes, but I’ve taken to eyeballing seasonings and spices. I mean, where IS the 1/2 teaspoon measure?!?
4) Worry about how I look when walking the dog or visiting the dog park. Makeup is officially optional (if I’m already wearing it, it’s not like I’m going to wash it off). And while my clothes will be generally clean, they need not coordinate (still no pajamas, though, you gotta draw the line somewhere).
5) Futz endlessly with my hair. You know those mornings, when you use all the proper styling techniques and your hair still looks like squirrels styled it. The ponytail is my friend.
6) Compulsively check my bank balance. Oh, that dratted on-line banking. It makes it way too easy to fritter time away looking at just how many times I went to the grocery store last month (yipes!).
7) Fret about this writing business. It’s simply too time consuming to worry about why I haven’t heard back . . . how I have heard back, but it wasn’t what I wanted to hear . . . or how I can make someone respond. I have a rock on my desk that says, “Wait for the Lord.” Hmmm. Good advice. And a real time-saver, too.
Q4U- What time waster can you prioritize out of your life?