Appalachian Thursday – A New Story!

Well, no one guessed the title of my new story, but Connie Porter Saunders and Eleanor Mercer came closest with The Right Kind of Love. So what’s the new title?

The story features Creed and Delphy Raines–a husband and wife living in Randolph County, WV, who have become largely estranged since their son–Loyal–lost his hearing at the age of four. But when Loyal, now thirteen, discovers a dead body near the Tygart River his parents will have to find common ground as their deaf son is pulled ever deeper into the mystery surrounding who killed Eddie Minks.

Plenty of characters in this story do foolish things. Much as all of us do foolish things. But there comes a point when someone finally does the right kind of foolish thing. And isn’t what I’m hoping for every day? That somehow God will use even my foolishness for his good.

It’s a quirky title–but I REALLY like it! How about you?

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

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