Appalachian Thursday — What’s My Theme?

new-header-1.pngI’m looking at updating my website and I’m trying to be intentional and thoughtful about it. I’ve already switched up my header and I’ve taken the first steps toward developing a shinier, sharper, more professional site. As part of that I’m looking for a tagline–a theme for my writing if you will.

Since my first book hit shelves five years ago I’ve stuck with “Appalachian Blessings.” Which is fine as far as it goes. My stories are definitely Appalachian and the word “blessings” covers a lot of ground from the touch of supernatural I like to weave in to the simple blessings my characters experience.

But I want to dig deeper. What’s the unifying theme of my stories? I have some thoughts about that. But it occurred to me that asking readers might be a good way to get some insight. Sometimes, when you’re really close to something, it’s hard to see it.

So today, if you’ve read my books, my question for you us–what’s my theme? In your opinion, what idea or notion or thread runs through my stories?

Thanks for jumping in and thanks for being a reader!

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

13 thoughts on “Appalachian Thursday — What’s My Theme?

  1. I’m not good at things like this but I think would be nice to include something about family life and blessings. You have
    co many stories to share about your (our) family for so many years.

      1. I also think your current one is just great, but thought if you really wanted to change including family would be good.

  2. I feel that “Appalachian Blessings” is the perfect theme. You are an Appalachian woman by birth and your writings incorporate Appalachian themes of family, hardship, survival, and history. Your books and blog posts are a blessing to many of your readers and you incorporate the ongoing sense of “blessings” and “gratitude” into this site. I understand wanting to change, but I feel your current theme is more than appropriate and quite inclusive.

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