The Joy of NOT Winning a Christy Award

at the ChristysNope. Didn’t win.

Except, maybe I did in a way. Oh, I don’t have one of those sparkly glass awards to sit on my desk, but I sure as shooting felt like a winner last week at the Christy Award Gala and in the days following.


  • I got to wear a fancy dress. It’s vintage–from the 1960s–and it made me feel elegant and timeless. I added the Luckenbooth Mom gave me for my birthday last year (found in the story I was nominated for)–the perfect touch! Plus, I carried the Jane Eyre book-purse my brother gave me.
  • I got to spend quality time with readers and writer friends including Conni (in the photo above). She DID win a Christy and it was a treat to celebrate with her.
  • I had a chance to connect with folks from my publishing house including me editor and had fun talking about promotions and future stories.
  • I enjoyed some pretty fantastic food eaten in excellent company. I mean, the salmon at the gala was delicious. Who gets fish that good at a banquet?!?
  • When I told family and friends I didn’t win, responses included the following:
    • Who are the judges?? – Mom
    • Are they crazy? – My snowbird neighbor back in FL
    • We watched the live stream and were disappointed for you. -Dear friends who don’t necessarily read a bunch of Christian fiction, but read ALL of my fiction
    • It’s SO subjective. -Several friends
    • You should have won! -Several other friends some of whom may not have actually read the story
  • When I got home my husband had made me a “consolation” dinner. Meatloaf, roasted asparagus, crusty bread, red wine, and Ghirardelli raspberry dark chocolate squares. He’s a keeper!

So, really, I feel very much like a winner. Not because I got an award (and hey, I wouldn’t mind winning one!) but because I’m blessed with a whole host of people who care about me, support me, and love me whether I ever win an award or not.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

17 thoughts on “The Joy of NOT Winning a Christy Award

  1. You looked beautiful! And my comment would also have been “Are they crazy?!” Don’t give up. I know you’ll win the sparkly award! 😉 But for now, know that there are many people who love your books. I’m one of them.

  2. This post was written in true “Sarah-style”. I love your attitude, I adore all the parts of your outfit, and I can see your mother’s face as she responded. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Well..You looked stunning, shared in the joy of others and in my opinion,
    You are ALWAYS a winner! 🙂 What more could a GREAT Author ask for
    because “we” readers KNOW there are no other books like yours!! You
    go Lady!!!!

  4. Amen. I am into silence…a nasty day Tuesday forcing me to stay indoors and read, read.. Will Cameron succeed with the McLeans? Will Serepta softemn her 💓.

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