Appalachian Thursday – Storms as Entertainment



Rain swollen Creek

Growing up on the farm we didn’t have a ton of electronic entertainment. No video games, no Internet, and even television was limited to just a few channels. Summertime entertainment included lots of time playing outside, games around the kitchen table, books, swimming (in a creek), catching lightning bugs, and a healthy dose of being bored.

And then there were storms.

Gentle rains often meant a chance to play in the wet–running through puddles, catching water under the downspout and dousing each other with cold water, mud between our toes.

But storms meant showtime. We’d gather as a family on the covered back porch and watch the weather come rolling in. Thunder, lightning, pouring rain–it was thrilling!

My favorite spot was under Dad’s lawn chair. I felt completely safe there. I think it was the contrast between the raging storm and the safety of the porch. I felt insulated, protected, connected.

Once, lightning struck the barbed wire fence at the bottom of the pasture. We watched fire shoot along the wire in both directions. Such danger and excitement! And yet we were safe and protected at the house.

We’ve been having stormy weather in NC lately. Thunder rumbles, lightning flashes, and my dog ducks under my desk. I hope she feels as safe and protected as I always did.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

6 thoughts on “Appalachian Thursday – Storms as Entertainment

  1. Never heard the one about the lightning hitting the fence. I had a late dentist appointment this evening. No rain here as we were leaving… just black skies and thunder in the distance. Before we got to the fair grounds, it was raining hard with flashing and booming. We had to drive around a down tree and then pull over at the Corley church because we couldn’t see. Sheets of rain, small hail and pushing winds entertained us for the next 10 minutes. It passed as quickly as it came and was dry by the time we got to Philippi.

  2. I found myself sitting on that porch. My grandmother and I used to experience the summer storms sittin in the rocking chair on the porch. I would squeeze in beside her in the rocker.

  3. So enjoy your writing. This story is lovely, especially good family details. Electronics have made life better AND worse. I have not read any of your books yet, but the time is near. Your blog has my attention. Thank you.

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