A Poem to Welcome Summer

grassesI recently wrote about putting up hay in the summertime. When I was little, my job was to carry a Mason jar of ice water out to the men working in the field. I can still so clearly feel the heat of the day and the cool, slick jar n my hand, ice tinkling against the glass as I tiptoed through hay stubble.

Mom filled the jar with water and ice, but wouldn’t it be Romantic if I’d actually drawn the water from the well? Ah yes, I wrote a poem about that . . .


In June,
when nature’s bread oven
bakes ripe heads of grass
farmers take to the fields.
After day has drunk the dew,
men mount tractors
and ride summertime roads.
I dangle from an apple tree,

At noon I am sent to the cellar
where empty jars line shelves,
glimmer in the light of an open door.
I take one brimming with damp
to the well my father dug.
Men lift my sparkling gift
to labor seasoned foreheads,
cool their heat in satisfaction
of hand-dug cellar and well.

In June,
when days are sun-sodden, I remember
nights always follow difficult days
when cicadas sing and grass roots
grow deeper.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

4 thoughts on “A Poem to Welcome Summer

  1. Oh, those memories….LOVE the
    Poem. Remembering, similar things today…made the day bittersweet…
    Then, your Blog when I finally relaxed abit this eve…Plz Pray 🙏~
    Aunt Mary suffered a fall last week~In hospital again & we were told she’s in bad shape today.
    Expect to get a call @ any moment that Heaven gained an Angel. 😇 Sad, yes, BUT we KNOW she’s well prepared! Cannot say enough for Larry’s loving, caring support!!❤️
    I need to stop in @ SCH tomorrow
    & give him an update..☹️

    1. Dad mentioned that Mary was in the hospital after a fall–so sorry to hear that! I think he sees a lot of the folks there as his chicks under his wing, which is GOOD for him! Thanks for keeping him posted.

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