1,232 Days

EmilyI work at a children’s home. We serve so many kids whose families . . . well, they need some help. And every now and again, a child comes along and I think . . . that one could be mine.

There was one . . . red-headed and freckled who loved books. Maybe he was mine at least a little bit.

But you have to be tough. You have to be strong. I can’t bring them home with me–there are rules about that. And I’m okay with it. God has given me nieces, nephews, children at work, and several dogs that I spoil utterly. It’s all good.

But there’s this other girl at work . . . she did more. She took in a foster child. It was supposed to be temporary. But then his parents’ rights were terminated and if she didn’t adopt him, who would?

She confesses to struggling. To wishing she could have her “normal” life back. But after 1,232 days she did something that’s pure miracle. She adopted that 8-year-old boy. She’s single and wonders how the rest of her life will go now that she has a little boy shadow who follows her everywhere she goes. She can’t quite take in what it is she’s done–becoming a FAMILY just like that.

I think it’s the most wonderful thing any one human being can do for another.

She wrote this on her Facebook page. “The name we gave him was decided on by the two of us. Azariah. This is a Hebrew name which means ‘Yaweh has helped.’ He has helped this boy in the most incredible ways over the last three years, and I pray he will always hold on to that. What a promise for God’s sovereignty and power to answer our greatest prayers. Thank you Jesus for rescuing my son, and bringing him home.”

Rescuing . . . yes. I’m so glad I get to know Azariah’s rescuer. I hope I can be as brave as she is one of these days.


Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

10 thoughts on “1,232 Days

  1. There will be many days of “what have I done?”, but many MORE days of “Look what we’ve done!”.
    This boy has an anchor now, and he will do fly off and great things. What those things are will be up to God, but now he as a mom who will help him get his wings just right.

  2. The greater the problem, the greater God looks. We can expect great and mighty things in this family. Watch for them and share, so that we may all thank Him and praise Him together with this new mom and child. God already knows what is ahead. He only needed to wait for Azaraih’s mother to feel her first “labor” pains.

  3. You can be that brave, and you are that brave. I was so scared to adopt … what if this? what if that? But wow, I wouldn’t change a thing. God knows exactly what we need. And I wanted to be a mama so badly. But one thing I learned is that I thought my heart’s desire was to be a mama, but my heart’s true desire was to know God. And sometimes He uses things just like this to draw us close to Him, to know Him more. You are so brave, Sarah … to give your days there. So brave. ❤

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