Goals: When Dreams Meet Reality

Reading glassesLast week I came within two pounds of reaching what I have long thought of as my ideal weight. And I realized something . . .

. . . losing those last two pounds probably isn’t going to make an actual difference in my life. I had this sort of vague idea that once I got to this magic number my body would be different. And it is. Just not in the ways I imagined. I’m still what you might call pear-shaped. I still have that softening flesh on the undersides of my arms. I still don’t want to be seen in a bathing suit–unless it’s one of those Victorian dress things.

Reaching my goal is a good thing–but it hasn’t transformed me into a swimsuit model. MAYBE, my body just isn’t built for modeling swimsuits. Maybe I’m just the same ole ME, only a few pounds lighter.

And isn’t that the way with goals?

All too often, I think once I meet X goal, my life will be different. And by different I mean better. Much, much better. Once I get married. Once I get the perfect job. Once I move into the perfect house. Once I win a writing contest, get an agent, find a publisher, have a book in print, have five books in print, win that award . . . and on and on.

There are two problems with pinning your hopes and dreams on meeting a specific goal. 1) When you meet it, it isn’t quite what you expected. It’s good–but it’s not magic. 2) Turns out there’s another goal just beyond it. It’s good to meet my goal weight, but now I need to work on fitness. It’s good to have multiple books in print, but now I wonder if it’s something I could ever earn a living at.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have goals. But I am suggesting that goals are simply checkpoints along life’s highway. They aren’t a destination so much as an overlook where you stop, take in the view, and decide where to head off to next.

So how about you? What goal are you currently working toward and what do you think will happen when you get there?

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

6 thoughts on “Goals: When Dreams Meet Reality

  1. To be a blessing to more people every day. Not just say it; do it… and enjoy the joy it brings me (and hopefully them.)

  2. Sarah,

    It’s wonderful that you are keeping your weight in check and you already take walks in your beautiful area… So, you are already making progress with fitness. It’s a wonderful gift to be able to write multiple books and have an award. Take a bow! Goals keep us moving and “taking in the view,” as you mentioned can be filled with moments of listening, learning, absorbing and sharing. And, just being thankful for each day and not looking too far ahead helps me. But, when a new goal does come to me, I am thankful. Often, a goal may be much closer than I think and within reach! YAY!

    My goals are to lose weight and try to walk more and I’m trying… I’m older and it takes longer now! Ufda! But, more importantly, I would like to learn to sit at the feet of Jesus more (like Mary of Bethany,) and be more humble, joyful and grace-filled. Old habits certainly need a daily dose of surrender to our Lord! Sarah, thank you for asking us about our goals. 🙂

  3. Sarah, I love this. Yes … weight is such a stinker. When you are lighter, you forget to appreciate it. When you are heavier … ugh. I keep hoping to drop a few pounds before summer … but I’m not being strict enough. I keep asking myself when I’m going to get serious, but I never respond back. Lol. I just like my clothes to fit loosely … that’s all. 🙂

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