Appalachian Thursday – Where It All Began

Novel #1In November 2012 I got a call from a literary agent offering representation. A little over a year and a half later, in August 2014, my first novel hit bookshelves. Since then, I’ve been astonished by the number of people who have taken the time to visit Wise, WV, and spend time with Perla, Casewell, Sadie, and a whole cast of Appalachian characters.

The e-version of the novel just went on sale this week for less than two dollars and I thought, well that’s nice, but who’s left to read it?

As of this morning, the book had shot to #67 among ALL e-books on Amazon. Where it’s hanging out with J.K. Rowling and Ann Patchett.

Which reminded me that who’s left to read it would be, well, most of the world. I have no illusions about the book sustaining these lofty sales (and at $1.99 each, I also have no illusions about, say, quitting my day job). But this moment has given me pause.

Although I’ve moved on from the Phillips family, having wrapped up the series with three novels, they are still fresh and new to the person who thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a try for a couple of bucks.

Someone even now is thinking about what forgiveness means as they see Perla feed an entire community in spite of their cruelty. Someone even now is falling in love with Casewell and rejoicing when he does the right thing. Someone even now is clicking out of the book and trying something else because it just didn’t grab them. But even that person read a little, maybe found some meaning without realizing it.

Sometimes I think I’m finished once a book has released and I’ve moved on to the next story. But really, it seems books keep going as long as someone–anyone–takes the time to read them. And that is a humbling and astonishing thing.

Thanks for reading.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

13 thoughts on “Appalachian Thursday – Where It All Began

  1. Know also that ” your fans” reach even others not included in the count. I have recommended these ( cause you know how readers love to share best reads) , I’ve lent my books to others in hopes of sharing the journey through your words , but also the joy of finding a great book!
    So there are numbers out there uncounted, as readers like me share the joy.

  2. Sorry you’re not getting rich, Sarah! But I sense you don’t really want to quit that day job!
    Smiling with you–

  3. I loved “A Tapestry of Secrets” Im looking forward to getting the rest of the Appalachian series to read! πŸ™‚ Its been one of my favorites this year!

  4. Smiled all the way through this post and teared up reading Pam’s comment. Just to let you know, I took Barns & Noble to task this afternoon when I found NONE of your books on their shelves!

  5. Last night I stumbled upon “Appalachian Serenade” when I was searching through my kindle for free e-books. It made me sad to see the book end this afternoon. But, I absolutely loved it. God definitely used it to stir my heart. I am actually in the process of writing up a blog post to “talk” about it and how its leaving an heart stirring effect on someone like me who is not only a Christian single with dreams of her own…. but recently diagnosed with something (PCOS) that in all likelihood could mean no babies. I could relate to the characters so much! Thank you for this book. I loved the truth revealed as I read and joined the characters in their journey… I loved the truth that there is this undeniable longing to marry, have kids, and yet there is the hope that God’s plans are far better than my own… I may not be able to purchase kindle books very often, but I was very fortunate to come across your novella.

    1. Oh Stacey! Thank you for sharing how the book impacted you. I’m so sorry about your diagnosis–I just sent up a prayer for you to see God’s hand in whatever happens with your dreams. Thanks for reading Delilah’s story.

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