Book Review: The Lady & the Lionheart

lionheartI don’t often review books here on the blog. I do make an effort to write reviews on other sites like Goodreads and Amazon because I know how much I appreciate reviews of my own books. But every now and then a book resonates with me so much that I want to tell you about it.

As I’m reading, I often start writing reviews in my head so I’ll be prepared once I finish the story. With The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischoff, I was seriously leaning toward a four-star review.The story is about a nurse–Ella–who meets a circus’ lion tamer–Charlie. Sounds fun, right?

Bischof has a way with words and I WAS having fun as I was carried into the mysterious world of circus performers. The story is told with the flair of an aerialist and the pent up strength of a sleeping lion. But I found the romance a little TOO perfect. Charlie and Ella are flawed, but in such a GOOD way. Charlie because of his sacrifice and Ella because of her innocence. As much as I enjoyed the story, I kept thinking about how unattainable a love like this is for, well, anyone.

Then I got to the end and realized THAT’S THE POINT. I don’t know what Bischof intended beyond what she says in her notes at the end of the book, but I think she’s disguised an allegory as historic romance. The love story is so very perfect because it’s the story of God’s love for his children. It’s about Christ’s willingness to give his life for the Church–his bride.

If you pick up The Lady and the Lionheart, you may think you’re simply digging into an entertaining circus story set in the late 1800s. But if you’re willing to open your heart and pay attention, I think you may find a great deal more. I certainly did.

Five stars.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Lady & the Lionheart

    1. The romance is authentic and not sappy at all. And it is a beautiful story, Joanne Bischof is one of the few writers who can make me cry like a baby. Well, her and someone else, someone who smited a beloved character right away in her second book. Her name rhymes with Larah Soudin Thomas.

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