Why I want you to be a Christian, too

cross-918459_1280Let me begin by saying that I realize some people aren’t Christians and have no desire to be persuaded otherwise. This post isn’t to try to convince you to believe. I just feel like it’s important for me to tell you why I would love for you to be a Christian if you aren’t already.

I believe being a follower of Christ is the best way to live and the only way to heaven. I believe we are ALL eternal souls and this world is just a short stopover on the way to eternity. I really, really want you to be in eternity with me and I believe Jesus is your ticket there.

If you were my friend and I thought you were about to marry someone who was going to make you miserable, I wouldn’t want you to marry them. But I’d still be your friend even after you tied the knot. I don’t love you because you’re a Christian—I want you to be a Christian because I love you.

I’m not claiming to KNOW what’s best for you or anyone else. But I sincerely believe that getting to know Jesus Christ and letting the Holy Spirit guide you through life is the way to go. I’ve found it to be helpful, comforting, and a generally positive way to live and I want that for you, too.

First, love God. Then love everyone else.

I wouldn’t be following that second most important commandment if I didn’t at least mention how much I believe following Christ is the best possible choice. I’m not mad at you if you don’t believe what I do. Again, I wouldn’t be following commandment #2 if I got all worked up and yelled at you.

But here’s what it all boils down to. I care about you—even those of you I don’t know. I believe you were created in God’s image and that makes you pretty special. So please don’t get frustrated with me because I want you to be a Christian.

I promise not to be pushy about it. I won’t hound you or harass you. But I do want you to understand why I want you to be a Christian, too. Simply put, I wouldn’t be much of a Christian if I didn’t.


  1. I am a Christian, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, what he did for us all, we all are children of God.

  2. Believe it or not, I really appreciate people who find such joy and meaning in religion. We all have to make sense of this world in one way or another, and I am glad that we can each find our own way. It frustrates me when other atheists belittle religion, because I know how important it is to those who do believe. Religion, or a belief in the supernatural, is not something that has ever resonated with me, but I still live a life full of awe, wonder, love, joy and meaning. So, I guess what I am saying is that you needn’t worry about me finding a lord to worship or a path to eternal salvation. This life is the only life I will ever have, and I am making the most of it with my fellow humans (and other creatures) – and it is good! I love that you have found your truth and your way, just as I have found mine, friend. I think we will both be just fine.

    • Erika–I’m so glad you wrote! You and another friend were two of the folks I was thinking of as my audience when I wrote this little essay. And while I would love it if you said, “Why yes, I agree, let’s be Christians together,” I know I needn’t worry about you. My faith tells me to share what I believe. What happens after that is up to God. I’m so glad you have a good life full of interesting things (that you are kind enough to post so I can enjoy them vicariously!). And I’m glad we’re friends.

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