Appalachian Thursday–Secrets!

Tapestry quoteIt’s just four and a half months until the release of my third novel–A Tapestry of Secrets. Which means it’s time to start teasing you a bit about what’s to come!

Tapestry is a dual timeline story featuring three generations of Phillips women–and one overwhelming secret.

Perla has carried the secret of who Sadie’s father is for 60+ years. And just when she’s ready to tell . . . she has a debilitating stroke.

We’ll travel from 2008 where Perla’s granddaughter, Ella, is trying to find her way in life and love back to 1948 and Perla’s memories of that fateful summer when she became pregnant.

Perla can remember–but can she share her story?

This is for all those readers who want to know how Sadie turned out. Can’t wait to tell you!


Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

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