Appalachian Thursday – A Holiday Visit Home

I missed posting last Thursday because I was in the car driving, driving, driving the seven hours home to WV. It was a good visit. Took my dad to a doctor’s appointment to continue planning the attack on his Parkinson’s. Got to spend time with my mom after her recent surgery. And stayed with my brother and niece who’s fifth birthday (on the 18th) we celebrated early.

This is the soul of my tie to Appalachia. Family. Those long gone who’s stories I adapt for my books and those still with us who give me such insight into the human heart.

Christmas blessings, indeed.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

4 thoughts on “Appalachian Thursday – A Holiday Visit Home

  1. Oh Sarah! That touched my heart today. I love seeing and remembering times I spent with your family. Though they usually were at B-UHS! Your brother looks exactly the same. He is your dad made over. I remember so vividly, seeing Mr. Loudin at the end of the hallway, outside of the Math area by the bathroom and the water fountain with his cowboy boots on. He was such a man of strength. When you looked down the hall, all you could see what this tall, thin man. The thing that always stood out was he was ALWAYS laughing or smiling or talking. What a great memory for a Thurs. Made me feel like I should be going to school today, not sending my children. May God bless you as you take care of him during the Parkinson’s battle. I hope and pray your mom is doing well after the surgery. It is always great to see her smiling face also.

    1. I love that you have that memory of him! Some days I need to be reminded of the man he was (and still is!). Both of our dads smiled quite a bit at school! I think they must have liked teaching 😉

  2. The pictures are beautiful. The Parkinson’s … that runs in my family. All my grandmother’s siblings had it … I don’t know how she escaped it. I’m so glad you had special time together.

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