The Great Flood of 1999

Nicole Seitz and I signing books at Fiction Addiction in Greenville, SC.

I recently contributed to an anthology–When You Pass Through Waters–compiled by novelist and artisit Nicole Seitz. Here’s the scoop:

In response to the “thousand year flood” of 2015 in South Carolina, eighteen beloved and bestselling authors graciously contributed a water-themed story, essay, novel excerpt, or poem to this heart-warming and thought-provoking anthology. Like a winding river, their words meander through memories and nostalgia or swell in a fit of faith, fear, or questioning. Some offer lessons learned by the water or new beginnings because of it. There are even works of fiction—it often speaks the clearest truth.  This is a timeless book for water-lovers and storm survivors. Proceeds support water-disaster relief efforts.

I was delighted to contribute since my husband and I lost our home in the flooding following Hurricane Floyd in 1999. We lived on the Waccamaw River in those days, in a house with sliding glass doors opening onto a deck overlooking the river. It was lovely.

Until Floyd put water up to the light switches.

My essay is titled, “The Best Natural Disaster Ever,” because, well, that’s how it turned out for us. We’re living in my beloved Appalachian mountains because a hurricane floated us right on out of the Lowcountry.

I’d love for you to order a copy knowing that all proceeds go to support flood relief. The pieces inside celebrate tenacity, courage, and–well-water. Stick in a toe–I think you’ll discover that the water’s just fine.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

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