Dratted Details!

Thistle not at all worried about the details . . .
Thistle not at all worried about the details . . .

I’m over on SouthernBelleView today talking about those nit-picky details that can so easily trip writers up. Like blond and blonde–do you know which to use when??

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

6 thoughts on “Dratted Details!

  1. Well, I’ll have a guess…hair is blond, and a person with blond hair is a blonde.

    We’ll see…

    BTW, I hope it’s OK that I copied the endearing picture of Thistle to use on my laptops screensaver rotation? She’s a dead ringer for our Regis, who does NOT allow photographs.

  2. Love love LOVE this photo of Thistle! Interesting about your publisher’s blond/blonde usage as the preferred dictionary (M-W Collegiate 11th) says either is a noun, either is an adjective … and still makes the male/female distinction. 🙂 CMOS always tells us to default to the dictionary, which I have up to now, but I will definitely check with each individual publisher from now on!

    1. That picture relaxes me!
      Yeah, I’m still not 100% positive on the blond/blonde thing–I guess for once I’ll default to what I know is one of your favorite phrases, “That’s what editors are for.” 😉

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