Revisiting a MOST popular post

I’m over on today, revisiting my most popular post from THIS blog. Yup, the one about SEX in Christian fiction. Somehow, almost four years after I wrote it, that piece continues to get hits. Pretty much every week. So if you’d like a refresher, click on over and weigh in on sex in Christian fiction.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting a MOST popular post

  1. Courting Morrow Little is one of my favorite books because it shows love AFTER marriage. So few books do that. Marriage is a wonderful institution where two people really do become one. I think it is so important for my daughter to know that a marriage is full of love, compassion, and sweet kissing. I have only ever kissed my hubby. Some I know think married people shouldn’t show affection or kiss in front of their children. My daddy, as a pastor, highly encourages it. He said not to make your children think that physical affection and emotion is for dating, but that it exists and thrives in marriage. Nice post.

    • Yes, yes, yes! Lots of affection AFTER marriage. Media seems to indicate that it all happens BEFORE marriage. I’m all for showing ’em the right way to love!

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