Appalachian Thursday–More Book Launch

The MOST special day of my life was my wedding day. The book launch party for Miracle in a Dry Season definitely comes in second. It was utterly Appalachian from the location–a little white church on a hill–to the food–cornbread and beans. But the BEST part was the people. Many are natives of Appalachia, while others grew up further afield. Everyone, though, was there to celebrate and so we did! Here are a few images so you can join in the celebration, too.

About Sarah Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.
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12 Responses to Appalachian Thursday–More Book Launch

  1. Dad and Terry says:

    Definitely a memorable event, and the first of many more to come! A great celebration!

  2. What fun! Congratulations, Sarah!

  3. mom says:

    Priceless memories to treasure! Wonderful to see (and be told) the high regard people have for you.

  4. rachel m says:

    honest to pete I cannot see these photos without grinning so hard the sides of my face hurt

  5. Bonnie Roof says:

    Congrats, Sarah – loved the pics, thanks SO much!! Can’t wait to read “Miracle in a Dry Season”!!

  6. Love the pictures! I can feel your joy and excitement just looking at them.🙂

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