Appalachian Thursday–Oh My Stars!

StarMy publisher recently ran a contest to win Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) of Miracle in a Dry Season. It’s been fun to see the winners popping up on my Facebook page to say thanks.

But do you realize what this means? People I don’t know can now read my book. Eek! And what’s more–readers can express an opinion about it.

So Tuesday I was on Goodreads and noticed my FIRST star rating. And it was . . . three stars. Out of five. Okay, let’s be honest here, who doesn’t want a five-star rating? Especially right out of the box? So maybe I was a teensy bit disappointed. But then I got to thinking about it and decided I’m mostly glad my first rating is middle of the road.

Three stars translates to: “liked it.” Which means someone liked my book. Maybe she didn’t think it was the best thing she’d ever read, but she liked it. That would be a good thing.

Because here’s what happens to me when I get five-star ratings: I’m tempted to get the big head. Or, if it’s an off day, I’m tempted to think readers are exaggerating. Neither of which is attractive or good for me.

I’m an approval junkie. I LOVE getting that pat on the back. But there’s this scripture about how your heart follows your treasure. And I aim to store up my treasure in heaven–not on Goodreads or Amazon.

It’s good to start in the middle. It reminds me of where my priorities lie. And THAT is something worth remembering.

Matthew 6:20-21 – But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

6 thoughts on “Appalachian Thursday–Oh My Stars!

  1. Congratulations, Sarah! Issuance of the ARCs is a big step!

    I never really take the number of stars seriously. I used to teach at the college level, and when I found out how some students did course evaluations…well, it’s so individual and in some cases so arbitrary that there’s no real meaning. Comparing one reader’s evaluation to that of another is almost literally an apples-to-oranges situation.

    The best thing is – do your best, so that if you’d re-write the whole thing it would look pretty much the same. Then just let it stand, and enjoy the positive ‘subjective’ comments without getting lost in the stars.

  2. You’ve got a much better attitude than me. Three stars? I’m sorry but I read this book in manuscript form and fell head over heels in love with it, enough to offer representation within hours of receiving the manuscript. And it sold just about as fast.

    All I can say is there’s no accounting for taste. ( I mean some people even listen to the Best of Bread. . .) 🙂

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