Lenten Fear Fast — No More Gray Hair

Well, there are FEWER grays.

Last week I shared that I would be giving up fear for Lent. As one friend commented, “You can do that?!?” I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.

I thought I’d begin by tackling something I’ve been avoiding for years due to fear. I colored my hair.

Yeah, I know, lame fear. But let me give you some background. The summer after I turned 30 I was stung by two yellow jackets and got to experience full-blown anaphylaxis. After three decades of doing nothing more than whine and dab some baking soda on a bee sting, I was suddenly allergic. More than a little.

Not long after that the devil whispered a little something in my ear. He said that if I could develop a bee-sting allergy, I could develop an allergy to other things as well. Have you READ the allergy warning on the hair coloring box?!?

Warnings: Hair color products may cause allergic reactions, which in rare cases can be severe. Tattoos may increase the risk of allergy to this product. Conduct a skin allergy test 48 hours prior to each application. Even if you have already used coloring products before.

At least I don’t have tattoos. As a result of the above, I haven’t colored my hair in years. But the grays are getting more noticeable. I tried to tell myself I simply wasn’t vain enough to color my hair, but let’s be honest, it was just plain old fear.

So I prayed and I conducted a skin allergy test. And I only imagined ONCE that I was experiencing a weird throat tickle. And after 48 hours (I know, I’m the only person to EVER follow the directions), I colored my hair. And it wasn’t scary at all. Except for the part where it didn’t cover all the gray. Apparently I have stubborn grays. That seems about right.

But you know what was kind of funny? I was excited the morning I woke up and knew I’d be coloring my hair. Part of it was imagining how amazing my hair would look, but a bigger part was that I was no longer ashamed of harboring a silly fear. I gotta say, it felt good. Plus, in spite of a few lingering grays, my hair feels downright luxurious.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

8 thoughts on “Lenten Fear Fast — No More Gray Hair

      1. Did you choose the permanent kind or the kind that washes out after 6-8 shampoos. Even the “permanent” kind washes off skin pretty readily while “fresh.” Looks a tad reddish.

  1. Fear is an interesting thing. Before going into action as a paramilitary, I was always afraid. There were times I knew I would be hurt – and sometimes badly – but a combination of training and duty made my body do things my heart and mind would have preferred to avoid.

    And looking back – I’m still afraid. There is something comforting about the old saw that anyone who’s not afraid is either psychotic – or dead.

  2. I know I totally struggle with whether to color or not. Yes, I have an early white streak. BUT when I color, my curls don’t act right anymore. So it’s kind of a catch-22 for me. I do know I feel somewhat younger with color…but then some days, I don’t care and feel like wearing those white hairs around like a badge! Ah, well. Glad you were brave and took that step! I find the temp color is an easy way to experiment and find the right shade. Problem is, every store I go to has different shades. I can never find the same one twice! Ha.

    1. I know what you mean! I was pretty sure I SHOULDN’T do it for vanity reasons, but using vanity as an excuse to avoid a fear . . . that won’t fly. A streak–now that’s cool. I kind of hoped I’d get the white strip, but no dice–it’s all over.

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