Calling All Christians?

CallingMy husband and I were talking about what it means to be called. Called to write. Called to a particular action. Called to a job. Called to a place. Called, called, called. It’s one of those “Christian” words that I think we sometimes use without really considering what we’re saying.

And when I hear people use the term it’s usually preceded by “I feel.” I feel called to write. I feel called to help the homeless. I feel called to eat a big slice of chocolate cake. What? Not a calling? Okay, so how do you know?

Feelings are notoriously unreliable. I feel like sleeping late. I feel like eating an entire pizza all by myself. I feel like giving up my steady job with benefits to move to Italy and grow olives. So what’s the difference between those feelings and feeling called?

Can you be called to something but have to wait years and years before you actually do it? Like being called to adopt, but having to wait five years before it works out. Or being called to preach, but not having the opportunity until after you retire. Or being called to share the Gospel and never knowing if you’ve impacted even one life?

Can you be called to something you’re NOT good at? Like someone with a tin ear being called to music ministry. Or being called to speak when you have paralyzing stage fright.

I’m trying to be more mindful of what it means to be called. To what my callings are and how I’ve come to the conclusion that they ARE my callings.

In the meantime, chime in. What does being called mean to you? What have you been called to and how did you know?

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

5 thoughts on “Calling All Christians?

  1. “An inner urge or a strong impulse, especially one believed to be divinely inspired.”
    Most of my “callings” have been small things I have done and I didn’t know most of them were (callings) until someone pointed them out to me as such. That strong desire to perform a task (large or small) without really knowing why. I know this usually this refers to a vocation in most peoples minds, but I include anything good that one feels compelled to do: bake a birthday cake, donate some money, visit someone, give of your time, send a hand written note…..

  2. Sure, you can be called to something at which you’re lousy.

    I find myself writing about Christian issues and relationships – and it’s something I would never have expected. You wouldn’t expect it either, if you spent a few minutes in my presence…for I delight in the well-deserved nickname of “Mongo”, with all that it implies.

    I’d love to say that God guides my hand, but I really don’t feel it. It’s like He’s said, “Do THIS”, and is standing back to watch, arms folded, rocking back and forth on His feet. Whistling, too.

    I guess He knows that I take orders pretty well, and won’t quit until He and I are satisfied. But it’s a struggle!

  3. Some days I feel like (uh-oh…) whoever called me hung up and disconnected their phone. Other days, I feel like I am all that and a bag of chips.
    I’m called to be available, to be present, and to give more than I want.

    I feel called to tell stories, but to carefully weave God’s truth into my parables so that they become His words, not mine.

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