What’s Your Spiritual Gift?

GiftI’m one of those annoying people who thinks she’s supposed to be good at just about everything. Okay, not music, but otherwise I should be able to figure it out. Which means when I’m NOT good at something I tend to think I’d better learn it.

I recently took a spiritual gifts test and the gift of exhortation came out on top. Exhortation–an utterance, discourse, or address conveying urgent advice or recommendations. So basically talking and telling people what to do. Oh yeah, I can handle that.

But there was also a whole raft of stuff I didn’t rate so highly in–evangelism, prophecy, discernment to name a few. Now those are going to take some work. So I’d better get cracking–right?

Well, maybe not. In Sunday School yesterday we talked about how we should each use our spiritual gifts to benefit the church. And how, because we have different gifts, we can all fit together to accomplish so much more than we ever would alone.

Which means that maybe it’s okay if I stink at discernment. I’m not off the hook, but maybe there’s someone else in the church who can lead that charge. I can focus on facilitating my Sunday School class while my husband–who is way more discerning than I am–can serve on session and help steer the church in the right direction.

Maybe when my book comes out I can–are you ready for this?–call on other people to help where I struggle. I have a friend who’s an organizational master (and she makes cupcakes). What if she helped organize the book launch event? I have another friend who’s gift is hospitality–she could greet guests and make sure everyone feels welcome. And yet another friend would do an amazing job running the book table.

I don’t have to do it all. And apparently, God didn’t design me to even be able to do it all. Apparently, he designed me to need other people.

Now there’s a gift.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

13 thoughts on “What’s Your Spiritual Gift?

  1. You need cheesecake at your book launch.
    And someone who can make the tea.
    And someone to wrangle the people in the lines to make sure they’re all standing nicely.
    Oh, and someone who’s trolled thrift stores looking for Coldwater Creek goodies and will personally deliver them.

    1. In all seriousness, if I could be there? I’d be there with bells on (okay, not literally) and do anything you asked of me. You’re one of the nicest people I know, I’m SO proud of you and I’ll be supplying you with Dairy Milk Dark Chocolate to keep you going through all the excitement.
      Which includes your hubby wearing a tux at the book launch, right?

  2. It’s interesting how some churches believe the gift of prophecy still exists and some don’t. I loved the Chip Ingram series on gifts, and the definition of prophecy there…sort of speaking God’s truth into people’s lives (not new revelation). However, that’s never a popular gift (and it seems to be the one I test into). I also got discernment. I am finding it’s interesting to use your gifts while writing…or writing on topics your gifts touch on, if you will. For me that means supernatural stuff. Rambling on here…I admire people w/the gift of helps, who can cook, say, CHEESECAKES, for an army and love every minute of it…I also admire teachers. My hubby has that gift. Anyway, it’s great to figure out where you “fit in.” It’s also interesting how your gift/strength can easily be your weakness. In the end, everything with your gift has to be done in LOVE or you’re not using it right.

    1. I love how you point out that strengths can be weaknesses, too. My gift of exhortation can slip right on over into, well, being bossy if I’m not careful. I’ll have to check Chip Ingram’s series out–I really enjoy him.

      1. Well said, Sarah!

        ‘Oh poo’ is right, Andrew!

        YOU and B are two of the best encouragers I know. You especially know how to build a weary friend up and make sure she knows she’s got some talent, somewhere.
        Holy cow, and WISDOM!! I don’t need to get started on that, do I?
        And ooooh, yes, mercy. I honestly don’t know anyone with a nth of the mercy you have. And compassion.

  3. I love taking the gifting tests. And I love that we each have one whether we’ve figured out yet what it is or not. I’m also a big fan of help! LOL I refer back to when Jesus stepped into Peter’s boat and gave the command to launch out and cast his net. He did the supernatural through the natural–showing Peter that his life was going to be spent fishing for men, however there were so many Peter couldn’t bring them in alone and what did he do? He called for help! James and John and Peter did their part. Together. With sweat and strain, no doubt. We need help. Period! Isn’t it exciting how God equips us with not just what but WHO we need to help us succeed? Great post, Sarah.

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