Working on a Working Title

Fishing GearSo the rule for writers is to never get too attached to a working title. Because the publisher may very well change it. And I’m fine with that. Even though I LOVE the titles of the first two novels I wrote.
-The Memory of Drowning
-Miracle in a Dry Season

Catchy–right? So even if it gets changed, I want an equally snazzy working title for the manuscript I just finished. But it just won’t come to me! With the other two, the title popped into my head like a time-lapse shot of a sunflower blooming. They just unfurled . . .

But not this third one. So I need your help. I’m throwing out some possibilities here–tell me what you like, what you don’t and feel free to suggest something else entirely.

The book is about a woman who has spent much of her life wishing she knew who her biological father is. Now she has a lead and is off on the hunt. The miracle in this book is the catch of fish portrayed via fly fishing in the mountains of WV. The theme is love (and I can’t use the word love because people would assume it’s a romance–which it’s not).

Here are some possibilities (I like the idea of using an M word since the other two titles do):
-Streams of Mercy
-More Than the Heart Can Hold
-Mercy Flows Like Water
-Merciful Redemption
-Casting for ___________

Sock it to me folks!

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

13 thoughts on “Working on a Working Title

  1. “Minnow of the Flood”, “Murmurs From The Brook” (or “of the stream, river, etc), “Daylight on the Waters”, “Born of the Water”, “Revealed By The Water”…

  2. Oooh, love the concept of tying in the fly-fishing. The previous titles are definitely catchy…hm. Which one of these fits best? I wish I knew more fly-fishing terms…Healing Waters, maybe? Something w/the water and the more supernatural aspect of it…hm. I think I NEED TO READ YOUR BOOK FIRST! Keep me in mind as a beta, my Appalachian friend!

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