Atticus Finch vs. Fitzwilliam Darcy

I tease my husband sometimes, telling him the only man I’d leave him for is Atticus Finch as played by Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird. Not Gregory Peck, mind you (although it’s a close call!), but the fictional Atticus. But then a friend reminded me of my crush on Mr. Darcy. Uh-oh. Who would I pick?

(Obviously, my husband, but let’s play the game for a minute.)

AtticusAtticus–good father, solid career, noble, brilliant legal mind, excellent shot, has an awesome Southern farmhouse with the best front porch, well-respected, hired cook, and looks like Gregory Peck.








Fitzwilliam–looks like Colin Firth, wears a cravat, owns an estate with lots of servants, mind-bogglingly rich, well-educated, high moral standards, and socializes with the best people.

Cons? Well, Atticus might be a little too good and it surely does get hot in Alabama. And although Mr. Darcy’s aloofness is part of his appeal, it might get old and he lives in an era when medical assistance still includes leeches.

So–solid, all-American wholesomeness? Or high-society Englishness? I’m torn. Which way would you go? Or would you choose an entirely different fictional character?

. . . do tell!

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

9 thoughts on “Atticus Finch vs. Fitzwilliam Darcy

  1. Gregory Peck – I mean, Atticus, of course. 🙂 I’ve also had a life-long love affair with Laurie from Little Women – but not the Christian Bale Laurie – the 1949 version with Peter Lawford. Either one, I would gladly accept as Laurie, though. Wealthy, boy next door, fun-loving, educated, handsome. *smiling*

  2. Welllllllllllll. I could be at this ALL DAY.
    I believe we both know of my deep desire to get Magua (Last of the Mohicans)some INTENSE anger management therapy. And hey, could that guy carve a Christmas turkey or what?
    Then there’s Prairie Fire in Into the West. Google it. Or IMDB. DO we even need to discuss things.
    But there’s also Mistah Dahcy. Either one. Whoa, is it warm there? Cuz it’s WARM here….

  3. Of your 2, I would pick Aticus in a heartbeat! But I guess I lean toward more rugged characters like Gus in Lonesome Dove (in spite of all those cons.) Or Pa in The Little House series.

  4. I’m thinking rich and aloof is over-rated. A Southern gentleman who talks to his children as adults, is courteous to even the rudest of ladies, and stands up to his principles gets my vote. After my own husband, of course! For more on Atticus Finch, see Charlie Clark’s essay on To Kill a Mockingbird in the new issue of Fare Forward: A Review of Christian Ideas.

  5. i had to have an opportunity to check if I remembered his name correctly, but Gilbert Blythe of Anne of green Gables was my first love/crush. 🙂

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