Because real life IS better than books

bobcatLast week I was sitting at the dining room table typing away on my laptop when I glanced out the French doors to my right. (Those doors and the view of the creek outside are one of the reasons I love this writing spot.) And there was a cat sitting there.

But not just a cat. It was a bobcat sitting, legs tucked underneath, right there, just off the back deck. At first I thought I must be mistaken. It was probably just a big house cat. But she stayed around for more than 30 minutes, which was ample time to determine that she was, indeed, a bobcat.

Bobcats are super shy so this was an unbelievable treat. And for half an hour my husband and I stayed glued to the window, binoculars in hand, marveling at God’s creation. And for 30 minutes I didn’t think about what would happen next in the book I’m writing, what novel is next on my to-read list, what I would make for supper or what I needed to do at work. I just soaked it in.

Because sometimes you have to stop and marvel.

Q4U- What’s stopped you in your tracks lately?

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

9 thoughts on “Because real life IS better than books

  1. Nothing to compare with yours, but watching a sunrise (and sunset) and watching the bluejays, cardinals and squirrels vie for the peanuts on the picnic table.
    Also (in an astonished way) reading the numbers on the current flu outbreak!

  2. I like to sing. I may even have a few “money notes. But there is one song that has eluded me, “Suo Gan”. It’s a Welsh lullaby and is just beautiful. I downloaded it off itunes and have yet to actually be alone to practice it. I want to sing it simply because it’s so haunting. I sing bits of it here and there and am usually humming it. Before we left town yesterday for this little hockey excursion, I burned it, and Nessun Dorma, to a cd and long story short, I had an hour alone in the van to sing my heart out and let the high notes rip and blow the roof off the house…van…whatever.
    I often sing around the house and enjoy worshipping God, just with my little offering of song. But today? Driving down the highway- It was me, the Lord and the high notes.

    I was SO thankful to sing it back to Him. Even if I only ever sing it to Him, I finally know it for a concert of One..

    1. Oh–I LOVE this story! I have another friend who often finds her closest moments with God through music. I, on the other hand, am musically disabled. So I harbor the teensiest speck of envy over your ability to sing. Hit those high notes, girl!

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