2013Back in December the radio program “A Way With Words” came out with a list of the top words of 2013. While I’m charmed by a couple of them, they mostly make me feel old and cranky. Here’s hoping the pendulum swings back toward using ACTUAL words one of these days.
-Batkid – For the 5-year-old with leukemia who the Make A Wish Foundation transformed into Batman for a day. Most of San Francisco was in on it. Now that’s word-worthy.
-Cronut – A croissant, donut hybrid. It’s not much as a word, but sounds so utterly delicious I’ll forgive it.
-Bae – An abbreviation for baby or babe. Really? Are you too tired to get the second syllable out?
-Doge – An intentional misspelling of dog. Umm–why?!?
-Feels – Short for feelings. Come on folks, it’s already a word in its own right. Leave it alone!
-Selfie – Unfortunately I think we all know that this is a self-portrait taken with a cell phone. When Van Gogh did a self-portrait that was worth looking at. I’ve yet to see a selfie that is.
-Vax – Short for vaccine. Again, because it’s just too hard to say the whole word.
If you want the full list, you can check it out HERE. Some of them at least reference our culture in an interesting way like “lean in” as a business philosophy for women. But most of these words make me think we’re just getting too lazy to actually speak anymore. Texting as language. Egad.