If it doesn’t move, attach holly to it

hollyThat’s how I learned to decorate for Christmas when I worked at Biltmore Estate. Luckily, it lets Thistle off the hook. I do NOT decorate my dog. But I LOVE to drape everything else in red and green and holly. And today is tree day!

Each year I try to take a day off from work when I can just decorate. And it’s usually closer to Christmas than Thanksgiving. I kind of like the old tradition of putting everything up on Christmas Eve and leaving it up ’til Epiphany, but I can’t wait that long so today it is. The tree won’t get finished until this evening, but here’s a preview of everything else.

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  1. Lovely, Sarah! You worked at the BILTMORE!?? I hate to admit I’ve never been there. We got close once, but my friend and I realized we didn’t have enough $$ to get in!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

    • I did–for 6+ years. I know, the prices are crazy! I’ve only been once since I left–I can’t afford it! It is lovely, though, the kind of thing to save up for and do once. And Christmas? Sigh. I don’t really miss the job, but I miss the House at Christmas.

  2. How fun that you worked at the Biltmore House. My sister and I usually go around Christmas (and then again in the spring for Festival of Flowers). My parents lived for some time in Biltmore Park but are back in Henderson Cty now.

    • Hmmmm. We might should go together one time! I keep thinking I need to go back, I haven’t even seen the new rooms. But it’s SO much more fun going with someone who enjoys it (rather than a husband who’s humoring me!).

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