If it doesn’t move, attach holly to it

hollyThat’s how I learned to decorate for Christmas when I worked at Biltmore Estate. Luckily, it lets Thistle off the hook. I do NOT decorate my dog. But I LOVE to drape everything else in red and green and holly. And today is tree day!

Each year I try to take a day off from work when I can just decorate. And it’s usually closer to Christmas than Thanksgiving. I kind of like the old tradition of putting everything up on Christmas Eve and leaving it up ’til Epiphany, but I can’t wait that long so today it is. The tree won’t get finished until this evening, but here’s a preview of everything else.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

12 thoughts on “If it doesn’t move, attach holly to it

  1. Lovely, Sarah! You worked at the BILTMORE!?? I hate to admit I’ve never been there. We got close once, but my friend and I realized we didn’t have enough $$ to get in!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

    1. I did–for 6+ years. I know, the prices are crazy! I’ve only been once since I left–I can’t afford it! It is lovely, though, the kind of thing to save up for and do once. And Christmas? Sigh. I don’t really miss the job, but I miss the House at Christmas.

  2. How fun that you worked at the Biltmore House. My sister and I usually go around Christmas (and then again in the spring for Festival of Flowers). My parents lived for some time in Biltmore Park but are back in Henderson Cty now.

    1. Hmmmm. We might should go together one time! I keep thinking I need to go back, I haven’t even seen the new rooms. But it’s SO much more fun going with someone who enjoys it (rather than a husband who’s humoring me!).

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