Have you taken a leap of faith?

At Bible study last night we talked about taking a leap of faith. I’ve joked about being glad God has never asked me to be a missionary in a far country. (Though I stopped joking about it a while back. I’m finally learning not to dare God.) I know I would have a hard time with a major stepping out like that, but what if God called me to something more . . . reasonable?

What if I were called to give up my current job for one that was more challenging and paid less?

What if I were called to move away from my friends and neighbors?

What if I were called to take a stand that wasn’t popular? That might even hurt my chances at building a future readership for my books?

There are LOTS of smaller sacrifices–of smaller changes–that could feel almost as hard as moving to Africa to be a missionary. And isn’t that what’s hard? The change. Following God is scary. But it’s exciting, too.

So tell me . . . what scary, exciting thing has God asked you to do lately?

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

6 thoughts on “Have you taken a leap of faith?

  1. Ah, yes. Stepping out on faith. We’ve done it twice, in the majorly dramatic form of moves. The first time, we moved away from family, throwing our three young kids (and us) into a tailspin. But we trusted God to provide a church, house, friends…and He gave over and above what we could’ve imagined.

    This time, we moved BACK to family…without a job lined up for my husband. It took about six months, but God did provide a job. Each time, we knew we were following him. I’d never want to stay comfortable at the expense of obeying God–otherwise, the rest of your life gets miserable! And He puts you right where He can use you best.

    And I get you on the taking unpopular stands–it’s never easy. But it’s SO important in this day and age to have people who will stand up for the truth.

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