Vanity thy name is . . . Sarah?

Second placePoor God. He’s forever having to teach me humility. And I’m forever bowing up on Him. I blame my parents. Dad taught me to have plenty of self-esteem, to be confident, to feel good about who I am. He told me I was beautiful and smart and successful (still does). My mom was supportive, but a touch more realistic when I was a kid. Now she’s my biggest fan by far. I know–what a curse!

The problem is, I fail and I do silly things and, ahem, look like crap on occasion. So last night, when I got second place in the best, unpublished novel category at the Blue Ridge Autumn in the Mountains Novelist Retreat I was feeling pretty good about myself. You know, not quite as good as if I’d won first place, but clearly my parents are right. Smart AND beautiful.

Then I found the photos of the awards ceremony posted on Facebook by author Deborah Raney. Eek. My husband told me to wear my hair down. And I should have raised my chin and my nose crinkles when I smile big and in comparison to adorable, petite Yvonne Lehman I’m a hulk and . . . egad I’m vain!

So here I am folks, not necessarily at my headshot best. But look, I’m grinning. I’m standing next to a lovely lady who has written more than 50 books and is incredibly generous in sharing her time, talents and wisdom. And I’m getting a dose of writerly validation. You know, maybe that picture’s not so bad after all . . .

Thank you God, for not giving up on me.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

10 thoughts on “Vanity thy name is . . . Sarah?

  1. Beautiful, smart, generous, kind, loving, understanding AND I’m very proud of you and what you have done with your life. I love the smile of unadulterated joy, wrinkled nose and all. I’ll always be your biggest fan. OK… so I’m not crazy about the dress or jewelry (there’s your touch of realism.) 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, congratulations! This is terrific news! You must be so excited. As for the picture, I love it. You see your true feelings of happiness shining through and that is beautiful!

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