Following Through

I follow several writing blogs including the one written by Books & Such literary agents. A few weeks ago Janet Grant offered some social media marketing tips. One of them was to use more pictures. Now, I’m good about including a photo with just about every post I write. But they’re rarely photos I’ve taken. I make good use of the free photos available on-line these days.

So these are for Janet, who suggested we take more pictures and hold each other accountable. An array of flowers as summer gives way to autumn.

morning glory
Morning glories on a trellis in front of the house.
Jewelweed or Touch-Me-Not. One of my joys is touching the fat seed pods and watching them explode.
flower pot
I LOVE pots of mixed flowers. When I worked at Biltmore Estate I learned to call these “Olmsted Pots.”
The herb pot on our back deck. It’s thriving despite having been dumped repeatedly by the bears.

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

2 thoughts on “Following Through

  1. Love it–I don’t think I’ve ever seen jewelweed? We have plenty of obnoxious goldenrod STILL around, much to my allergic dismay…(though it’s supposedly the ragweed, not the goldenrod that makes people allergic…I’m dubious).

    1. I bet you have some milkweed pods, though! That’s what I miss from home. Rarely see them around here. I actually read an article about goldenrod as an allergen once.Apparently the pollen is pretty allergenic, but it’s also heavy (as pollen goes) and so isn’t airborne easily. Ragweed, on the other hand. Achoo!

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