What ELSE do you read?

We’ve talked about how much we love to read books. Romances, historical fiction, mysteries–books that make us laugh and cry and sometimes even think.

But what else do you look forward to reading?

I just love it when I open the mailbox and there’s a new Good Housekeeping or Wonderful West Virginia magazine in there. And I love to get my copy of Now & Then: The Applachian Magazine even when I haven’t written an article for it.

I like to read poetry to kick-start my creativity. I look forward to reading blogs about writing–particularly Rachelle Gardener’s and the Books & Such blog. I read church signs: “CH__CH, what’s missing? UR.” And I when I get my oil changed I read People magazine marveling at how I don’t know who these people are anymore.

I read letters when I’m fortunate enough to get them and I even read cereal boxes when I’m eating breakfast. Although I’m not much of a daily paper reader, I love settling in with the Sunday paper from comics to crossword. And ever now and then I sit down and read  really delicious cookbook from appetizer to decadent dessert.

So how about you? What else do you look forward to reading?

Published by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Author, wife, child of God.

10 thoughts on “What ELSE do you read?

  1. I am putting your blog on my blogroll, Sarah! Always love your mountain-girl posts! And hmmm…I used to LOVE World magazine, but too expensive to keep up with. I don’t really “read” InStyle magazine, but I do like to keep on top of those trends I totally cannot afford. OOOH, also used to love Writer’s Digest, but not getting it anymore (again, too expensive). Southern Living is usually a visual treat for me, too.

  2. Well, of course, I’ll start my list with your Blog!
    I don’t get near as many magazines as I used to, but I love getting WV Living and sit down with my Marble Memo Book to take notes of places I MUST go and things I MUST see ASAP. I skim WWWV Magazine and then share it with others. Still take Southern Living and LOVE Rick bragg on the last page, but not nearly as happy with their new policy not to identify the photographer under each picture (still looking for Art’s name.) I pass the time at the garage with PEOPLE and at the dentist with Reminisce and at the clinic with Birds and Blooms. I eagerly read the posts of Beth Almond Ford on FB and marvel at her life and the recording of it. Any magazine I pick up, I immediately look for book reviews and jot down the one’s I think I want to read (but have so many unread ones waiting that I seldom order the new ones.) And of course,,,, the obituaries every day. Not to see if I’m in them (she says with a wink,) but because they are really interesting (and sometimes funny!) I don’t read cook books much since I have about quit cooking. That’s a whole ‘nother subject: when I was 45 I could not understand how my mother’s house cleaning and cooking had gone downhill alarmingly.. just you wait till you near 70 and you will understand it about me as I now do about her. 😉

  3. People magazine in the grocery line up. Vanity Fair, usually the Oscar issue. Christian Research Institute Journal. National Geographic. Christianity Today. Gardening magazines. Gardening books. And lately, EVERYTHING that has ANYthing to do about Navajo history and The Long Walk.

    Oh, and you’ve been put on my blogroll. I think you’re awesome!

  4. Your post is filled with things that make my heart go pitter patter. Romance. Appalachia. Cereal boxes… (I’m a fan of a good bowl of cereal) 😉 I absolutely love that you mentioned letters. Is there anything like reading a good letter? There is something so special about sending and receiving something by post. So glad to have met you, Sarah!

  5. I love “Goldenseal”, the WV history magazine – my absolute favorite for decades now! And I’ve also been enjoying reading my brother’s new book about growing up in Buckhannon, WV, though it’s rather interesting (weird) to sometimes hear a family story mentioning myself from long ago!~

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