How do you make grilled cheese?

Last night was the first night of VBS at our church. I volunteered to do the meal–grilled cheese sandwiches, watermelon, Chex mix, juice boxes and cookies for 20 kids and the adults brave enough to take them on. There were several ladies to help make the sandwiches and I discovered something. Not everyone makes  grilled cheese the same.

My grandmother makes grilled cheese the way I do. My mother makes grilled cheese the way I do. My husband, also uses the same technique. I kind of thought this was IT. Nope.

As I sliced watermelon, my friend began buttering the as yet ungrilled sandwiches assembled on the counter. I was amazed. Butter the bread? I melt butter on the griddle in a bread slice-sized puddle and then drop the sandwich in. My friend was equally astonished by my technique. Neither of us had ever thought to make grilled cheese the way the other did. Huh.

Which reminded me that just because someone, say, pitches their novel via a query letter and gets a book deal, doesn’t mean that’s how I’ll do it. Maybe my book will get picked up because I talk to an editor at a conference. Or maybe a friend will refer me. Or maybe an agent will trip over my blog and be smitten. Or maybe . . .

Whether I butter the bread or the griddle, the main thing is that I keep grilling cheese. And honestly, no matter the technique, who doesn’t like warm, melty cheese?? (Other than that one eight-year-old who also doesn’t eat chocolate. Poor kid.)

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6 thoughts on “How do you make grilled cheese?

  1. I butter the bread for mine (don’t like a lot of butter) and put Jean’s in a LARGE puddle of butter. Also it matters about the cheese; I only like Colby and Jean will take any and all she can get (sometimes 3 kinds at once!) And then there is the degree of browness…. 😉

  2. Hey, Sarah, I’m new here. After reading your comment about Laura Frantz’ book, CML, I decided to visit your blog. This is very interesting! Did I understand correctly that you are from WV, but live in NC? I live here in NC and love it. Now, on to grilled cheese. I butter the bread first. Don’t think I’ve ever heard of doing it differently. I guess I should try that! What I want to know is when did VBS start serving meals?!!!!

    1. Welcome, Sylvia! Glad to have you. Yes, I’m from central WV but now live in western NC–gotta stay in those Appalachian Mountains! As for VBS meals, we got zealous this year and decided to do an evening session with supper. It worked out great–luckily kids seem to like simple food!

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