Happy Anniversary – To Us!

wedding daySixteen years ago today I slipped into scandalous underwear and then a wedding gown at my grandmother’s house. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience! My dear friend Jennifer and I spent the morning making our own bouquets at the kitchen table. Queen Anne’s Lace was the featured flower. Then I did my own hair and Jennifer zipped me into the most gorgeous dress I’d ever seen much less worn.

We got married in the one-room church I grew up in. (Literally ONE room. There was, and still is, an outhouse, folks.) There was little fuss or fanfare. I got out of the car, waited for everyone else to get inside, and then walked down the aisle to “Theme from a Summer Place.” Sigh.

Nerves hit me briefly, but then all I could do was look at the man who would be my husband. I’ve always been a big smiler, but the smiles after the ceremony were HUGE. And he still makes me smile.

Celebrating sixteen years of mostly smiles today. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary – To Us!

    • Lori, it’s so perfect you responded to this post! You know, since you rescued Jim and I when Dad stranded us with no keys after the reception. I still tell that story. Thanks for being such a great friend!

  1. Aahyhhhh, I remember it well! I just had to get out the album and look at the pictures again… Best wishes for the next sizteen… Aunt Pat

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