My Working Bio for Bootcamp

One of the many things a writer needs is a bio. There are several versions that fall into general categories. There’s a longer bio that may include family and geographic information. It might be a little bit funny and likely reflects the author’s personality. Then there’s a really short bio that includes just the basics–the kind of thing that might appear at the end of an article. And then there’s a longer, professional bio that leaves out the family/fun stuff and just focuses on credentials.

I’m headed to a writer’s bootcamp at the end of February and one of our pre-bootcamp assignments is to write the short, end-of-an-article bio. Here’s what I have so far:

Sarah Loudin Thomas has written articles for magazines and newspapers including Now & Then: The Appalachian Magazine, The Asheville Citizen Times and The Journey Christian Newspaper. Her poetry has appeared in Now & Then, Appalachian Heritage and The Pisgah Review. A member of ACFW, she is currently seeking publication of her novel, The Memory of Drowning. She maintains a blog at

So what do you think? Too dry? Should I include my education? Input, please.

3 thoughts on “My Working Bio for Bootcamp

  1. Good start! For my book(s) bio, my pub includes where I live. You can be as specific as a town and state or a little more evasive like, “the misty woods of the Pacific Northwest.” I’m always curious about where a person is from and feel frustrated when even Blogger fails to point at least in a general direction. Guess it’s because I’m southern and really want to get to know a person;) Interestingly, my education isn’t listed on my books or website but does show
    up on my Facebook page, etc. I think you can have as much leeway as you want. Some writers/authors put things on their bios that are a bit zany and crazy like their chocolate addiction or something personal like a hobby that others can relate to. Have fun at bootcamp, dear Sarah!

    • I want to know where people are, too! Though I think it’s probably wise to be a tiny bit evasive. I also like that touch of personality in a bio–love that yours mentions your grandmother.

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