Signs of Autumn

Fall is my favorite time of year. And as I get out and take Thistle for walks, or write with the windows open, I’m definitely seeing signs that it’s right around the corner. Now that it’s September, I thought I’d take a moment to list the blessings of autumn:

  • Cool, crisp air that makes you want to breathe deep and turn your eyes to the sky.
  • That brilliant, blue sky!
  • Gorgeously colored leaves standing in sharp contrast to that expanse of blue.
  • Those leaves that land on the sidewalk and leave rusty outlines behind.
  • Building a fire–in the fireplace inside or the firepit outside.
  • Scuffling through crunchy, crackly leaves.
  • Apples! Apple pies, applesauce, apple chutney, apple cake . . .
  • Goldenrod, joe pye weed, ironweed and asters growing along dirt roads.
  • Milkweed pods!
  • Finally being able to wear sweaters again. (Next spring, I’ll be glad to finally put the sweaters away, but let’s live in the moment!)
  • Trading the lawn mower for the rake.

I could go on. What’s your favorite thing about fall?

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  1. I live in the deep south, so summer to fall just kind of happens without you being able to see it. But I grew up in NH and your picture and words have brought the glorious fall back to me very strongly!
    My favorite thing? Apple picking in the fall. We would make a day of it and go pick apples, the whole family. Then we’d get some apple cider of course. Thank You! I had forgotten.

  2. I agree with you, Sarah! I love fall! I love apples (can’t wait for Honeycrisp!) football games, and hay rides with my gang. Woo Hoo! 🙂
    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
    CIndy 🙂

  3. You all have already mentioned most of mine, but add the smell of the leaves while scuffling through them, building fodder shocks, bright yellow mums, the change in the sounds to fall insects, anticipating that first frost. While I LOVE the blue sky one sees no other time of the year, I love taking a drive in the rain and seeing the stark bright colors of the leaves against the wet, black tree trunks. But the thing I love the most is watching the leaves fall…

  4. I love strolling down country roads kicking up the leaves and then coming home to warm spiced cider and doughnuts…. walking, walking, walking… being outside on crisp days.

  5. And planting bulbs… not enjoying the planting on a 90 degree day, but enjoying the anticipating of them cheering me in the spring!

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